Light Density and Temperature Measurer for kids


This project is about observing the temperature and density of light in the surroundings using sensors.

In this light density and temperature measurer we use a photoresistor sensor to measure light density and a temperature sensor for measuring temperature of the surrounding.

Hardware required 

  1. Arduino Uno R3
  2. Resistor
  3. Jumper Wires
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. Photoresistor Sensor
  6. Breadboard

Schematic Diagram

Fig 1.  Circuit Diagram

Arduino Code : 

int lightSensor = A0;
int tempSensor = A1;

void setup() //Runs once at the start
  pinMode(tempSensor, INPUT);
  pinMode(lightSensor, INPUT);

void loop() //Runs in a constant loop
  //Just print a line for the light reading
  int lightReading = analogRead(lightSensor);
  Serial.print("Light reading: ");
  int tempReading = analogRead(tempSensor);
  //If using 5v input
  float voltage = tempReading * 5.0; 
 // Divided by 1024
  voltage /= 1024.0;
  //Converting from 10mv per degree
  float tempC = (voltage - 0.5) * 100; 
  Serial.println(" degrees C"); //Print as degrees
  delay(1000); //Use a delay to slow readings


  1. Connections should be done properly.
  2. Arduino is case Sensitive so code accordingly.
  3. Give different and appropriate colors to the wires.
  4. Use resistors for sensors and LCDs.

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