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Our Micro Scholarships

Introducing the Makers Muse Micro Scholarship App!

Explore the world of coding and robotics with our fun quiz program. Earn valuable Make Coins for every correct answer!

How it works:

Take one quiz per day and earn Make Coins for each correct answer. Keep playing daily to accumulate Make Coins – 2 Make Coins equals 1 Indian Rupee.

Join the Makers Muse Micro Scholarship program today and turn your knowledge into rewards while mastering essential skills for the future! 🌟🤖

Let’s make learning fun, rewarding, and accessible for everyone!

How to Redeem the Make Coins?

Knowledge Kicker
Makerspace Giveback
Make Card

When you're ready to redeem the coins earned from completing daily quizzes, reach 1000 Make Coins to unlock exclusive coupon codes for discounts on a wide array of coding courses. Our courses span from Scratch, Scratch Jr., web development, Java, Python, Roblox, AI evolution, MIT App Inventor, MakeCode Arcade, C#, and many more. Each coupon provides access to premium learning experiences at unbeatable savings, accelerating your coding journey with discounted rates.

Keep advancing! Reach 2000 Make Coins to unlock a discount coupon for our store, where you can purchase educational resources and tools. Then, when it's time to cash in those hard-earned coins from acing your daily quizzes, your Make Coins unlock exclusive discounts on our store. Dive into the exciting world of robotics, from futuristic Hexapod Kits to cutting-edge 3D printers—the journey to innovation starts here! With just 3000 coins, redeem these valuable rewards for discounts on our products in Shopify, making your robotics dreams more attainable than ever before.

"Aim high! When you hit 5000 Make Coins, you'll receive a Make Card – a prepaid money card putting the power of your earnings in your hands, letting you spend it wherever you wish! Then, when you're ready to redeem the coins earned from completing daily quizzes, accumulating just 5000 points opens the door to a host of benefits with our 'Your Spending Companion' prepaid debit card. Whether for everyday expenses or online purchases, this versatile card offers unparalleled convenience and security. Join the ranks of savvy savers and unlock a world of financial freedom today!"

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Engage in daily challenges, earn Scholar Coins, and unlock exclusive rewards. Enjoy discounts on courses and shop items, and win exciting prizes. Start your journey now!

Benefits of Quizzes and Competitions for Kids

Quizzes and competitions offer numerous benefits for children, both academically and personally

Academic Improvement

Regular engagement in quizzes helps reinforce learning materials and concepts. It encourages active recall, enhancing memory retention and comprehension of subjects.

Critical Thinking Skills

By participating in quizzes and competitions, children develop critical thinking abilities. They learn to analyze questions, evaluate options, and make informed decisions, fostering problem-solving skills essential for academic success and real-life situations.

Motivation and Confidence Boost

Quizzes provide a platform for children to showcase their knowledge and skills. Successes in competitions boost their self-esteem and confidence, motivating them to strive for further academic achievements.

Personal Growth

Beyond academics, quizzes and competitions contribute to personal growth. Children learn the value of perseverance, resilience, and sportsmanship through both victories and setbacks, fostering qualities essential for success in life.