PM SHRI Yojana: Revolutionizing Education in India

PM SHRI Yojana, officially known as Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India, stands as a beacon of transformation in the educational landscape of India. Initiated by the Government of India, PM SHRI Yojana aims to elevate the standards of education across the nation by implementing innovative strategies and fostering inclusive learning environments.

The primary objective of PM SHRI Yojana is to establish over 14,500 schools, with over 18 lakh students strategically overseen by the Central Government, State/UT Governments, local bodies, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) till 2027. These schools aspire to create inclusive spaces where every student feels welcomed, nurtured, and empowered to excel. They emphasize providing a secure and enriching learning environment with modern infrastructure and adequate resources.

Aligned with the National Education Policy 2020 vision, PM SHRI Schools are dedicated to nurturing students into engaged, productive, and contributing citizens. The curriculum focuses not only on cognitive development but also on fostering holistic growth and imparting essential 21st-century skills. Embracing experiential, learner-centered pedagogies, these schools prioritize conceptual understanding, real-life application, and competency-based assessments.

Key features of PM SHRI Schools include:

Equitable Education: PM SHRI aims to provide high-quality education in an equitable, inclusive, and joyful environment, catering to diverse linguistic backgrounds and academic abilities.

Green Initiatives: Schools under PM SHRI Yojana are developed as environmentally responsible and sustainable institutions, incorporating eco-friendly practices such as solar panels, waste management, and water conservation.

Innovative Pedagogies: PM SHRI Schools emphasize experiential, integrated, and inquiry-driven learning approaches, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and student collaboration.

Digital Learning: The initiative promotes digital education through smart classrooms and tablet-based digital libraries, enhancing access to educational resources and personalized learning experiences.

Community Engagement: PM SHRI Schools encourage community participation and mentorship, fostering partnerships with local industries and higher education institutions to enhance employability and holistic development.

PM SHRI Yojana Selection and Implementation:

The selection process of PM SHRI Schools follows a rigorous challenge mode, ensuring exemplary schools are chosen to lead the way in educational transformation. Implementation strategies leverage existing administrative structures and emphasize ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure adherence to quality standards and NEP 2020 objectives.

The selection process for PM SHRI Schools involves collaboration between state and central governments, local governing bodies, and educational authorities. Approximately 14,500 schools are identified through a rigorous challenge mode, where institutions compete based on specific benchmarks and criteria aligned with the objectives of the National Education Policy 2020. Oversight ensures transparency and fairness in the selection process, which aims to establish exemplary institutions across diverse regions of India. Selected schools are expected to meet high infrastructure standards, educational quality, and readiness to implement innovative pedagogies, fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Overcoming Challenges:

PM SHRI Yojana acknowledges and addresses various challenges such as diverse linguistic backgrounds, absenteeism, untrained staff, and infrastructural deficits. Through comprehensive digital learning solutions, including smart classrooms and tablet-based digital libraries, schools aim to overcome these obstacles and provide quality education to every child.


PM SHRI Yojana stands as a transformative initiative poised to redefine education in India. By fostering inclusive, innovative, and sustainable learning environments, these schools aspire to empower students, nurture talent, and shape the future leaders of tomorrow. PM SHRI Yojana endeavors to realize the vision of a vibrant, equitable, and knowledge-driven society through concerted efforts and strategic partnerships.

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