A Day at Makers’ Muse: A Blend of Passion and Innovation 

At Maker’s Muse, the bustling energy of a typical day resonates with the shared vision of transforming education through STEM solutions. Our team members, each playing a vital role in this journey, bring forth their unique perspectives and experiences, making every day a dynamic and enriching adventure. 

Parth Agarwal, our co-founder, sets the tone for the day with his unwavering dedication to learning and growth. His mornings kick off with meetings and strategic planning sessions, followed by a dynamic day that spans across various departments. From product development to curriculum planning and sales, Parth’s day is a rollercoaster ride filled with new opportunities and challenges. 

The heart of Maker’s Muse lies in our dedicated team members who work tirelessly to make a difference in education. Gaurie Rawat, an instructor and team manager, provides a glimpse into the remote teaching landscape. She immerses herself in guiding students through programming languages and conducting insightful webinars. Gaurie’s dedication extends beyond the virtual classroom as she fosters faculty development programs, enriching the educational ecosystem. Dipesh Mishra, the SEO expert, thrives in the digital realm, meticulously refining the company’s online presence. Through his expertise in keywords and SEO strategies, Dipesh ensures Maker’s Muse remains at the forefront of online visibility. His journey is a testament to continuous learning and growth, supported by a collaborative environment. Shahbaz, the Product Development Engineer, delves into the intricacies of hardware design and product training with unwavering enthusiasm. His dedication to innovation is evident as he navigates through the complexities of developing new modules and conducting training sessions. Shahbaz’s journey embodies the spirit of exploration and resilience in pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. Aditi Rani, an HR Intern, brings a fresh perspective to talent acquisition, navigating through the challenges of hiring for tier 3 cities with determination and resilience. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of opportunity, as she embraces each challenge with unwavering resolve. Shivani Tripathi, a Telesales intern, delves into the intricacies of client management, overcoming initial hurdles with determination and grit. Her journey embodies the spirit of resilience, as she navigates through unfamiliar terrain, fuelled by a passion for learning and growth. 

Ashish Mahure, a robotics trainer, finds fulfillment in the daily improvement of his skills, from public speaking to interaction with students and teachers. Ritika Ganwani, a robotics trainer intern, echoes Ashish’s sentiments as she navigates the challenges of connecting with students. With guidance from her team lead, Akash Rathod, she learns to channel the students’ energy into productive learning experiences. Akash, a senior robotics trainer, leads by example, balancing teaching duties with mentorship and team management. Akash Rathod, a senior robotics trainer, not only manages a team but also takes pride in attending school assemblies and fostering a conducive learning environment for his students. Meanwhile, Shivani Tripathi, a telesales intern, navigates the challenges of her role with determination, leveraging every opportunity to learn and grow. 

In conclusion, a typical day at Maker’s Muse is a symphony of passion, innovation, and collaboration. Each team member, driven by a shared vision of transforming education, contributes their unique talents and experiences, creating a dynamic ecosystem of growth and learning. As we embark on this journey together, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and inspiring the next generation of learners. 

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