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AI Evolution

This course is designed to be your comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. 

What is AI Evolution?
AI Evolution is a user-friendly platform for crafting artificial intelligence models without advanced coding skills. Developed by experts, it simplifies AI development with intuitive tools and interfaces. Tailored for kids, it enables kids to explore AI concepts effortlessly, fostering creativity and innovation. Kids dive into machine learning, neural networks, and more, unlocking opportunities in this dynamic field.

AI Evolution
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Intermediate Level

No prior experience required

24 sessions

One lecture is one hour long

Flexible schedule

Learn at your own pace


Why Choose Us?

In our AI Evolution course, participants learn about fundamental AI concepts, project development.

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Scratch Certification

After completing the course, students receive certificates for mastering Scratch coding. These certificates honor their progress and dedication, acknowledging their journey into the world of coding. It’s our joy to celebrate their achievements and encourage them as they continue exploring the endless possibilities of coding!

AI Evolution Learning

In our course, kids can learn about different aspects of artificial intelligence models and have a better understanding of AI


Craft interactive stories and games


Build interactive narratives and games


Foster creativity through personalized coding


Unleash creativity via customized coding


Dive into limitless coding adventures


Embark on endless coding explorations

Benefits of coding for kids

Studies suggest that learning coding skills can improve a child’s academic performance, especially in math and reading. In addition, the computer science curriculum promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which further enhances academic performance. In addition to the scholastics of coding education, it nurtures soft skills such as communication and teamwork.


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