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A live class is an instructor-led learning model wherein a teacher has the control of a class. Teachers drive the learning objective and even set the pace of learning. This learning model allows two-way communication wherein learning is synchronous, in other words a student can watch or listen to a teacher, interact and even ask questions. The learning environment consists of teachers and peer group. Since it is a live class, the teacher can see the students and assess them while they are teaching.

Depending upon a student’s goal, progress and level, teachers can modify their lecture and set sample questions.

Favors Interaction

Live online classes allow interaction with students through chats and comments, which helps to make the class more dynamic, encourages debate and allows immediate answers to questions.

Promotes Credibility

How a famous phrase used to say, “who knows, does it live”. A professional who transmits classes in real time gives confidence and credibility.

Can Be Watched Later

Despite being a real-time broadcast, all the content is recorded so that it can be watched later, which is of great help for those who were unable to follow the live online classes or want to review it.

Game Development:

Never before has the video game market been at a better time. There are currently many platforms available and the emergence of mobile devices has revolutionized the sector.

The existence of multiple platforms implies great challenges for developers in decision making, both in the choice of platforms and in the sizing of work teams.

By the end, we will cover all of the following game development concepts:

  • Making a playable character
  • Keyboard and mouse input
  • Drawing graphics
  • Animations
  • Tiled
  • Coding through codeblocks
  • Sound effects and music
  • Keeping score

Application Development:

Our Android Development online course facilitates and boosts your journey right from the fundamentals of UI to building a full-fledged Android app. This online course by Coding Blocks with over recorded videos, covers the concepts. Developing Android Apps with App Inventor is to give students hands-on experience in developing Android applications. The free online course is intended for students who are interested in computational thinking with App Inventor, and for anyone who would like to learn basic programming skills. It provides many interesting hands-on examples, including simple games and practical tools, to make programming fun and easy even for beginners without any prior programming experience. Build something awesome. Build your first mobile app. Anyone can do it. All you need to know is how to use drag and drop coding blocks. We’ll show you how in this quick tutorial. You can choose to build either an iOS or Android app. This is a fun and engaging digital solution project for students.


  • Project-Based Learning Approach
  • Lessons on Deploying your Application
  • Easy to Learn
  • No prior Knowledge Required
  • Hands on Learning