Explorer Program is a 1 year-long student program to expose students to coding and its application in other technologies like Drones, robotics, and IOT.

The 1 year program is broken down into 4 quarters. Every quarter students learn to work on different softwares and hardwares which are shipped to students as per course schedule. Students may choose any four courses from our course platter listed below.

 (Age 8-18years)

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“65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist.”
Source: World economic forum
Our coding program helps your kid develop relevant skills for future jobs

Course Table1 Course Table2 learning outcomes
  • 6 Game Development Live Classes
  • 7 App Development Live Classes
  • 1 Robotics Live Classes
  • 2 Drone building and coding Live Classes
  • 3 Space Exploration Live Classes
  • 4 Home Automation Live Classes